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The fantastic growth of bicycle usage has had an unintended consequence – more accidents.

And the bicycle rider always comes off worst.

There are a number of contributing factors such as blind spots and the fact that many motorists have simply not become used to sharing the roads with more and more cyclists.

The city of London is investing in “bicycle super highways” but these routes are limited and so far only in London.

Fact is cycling is here to stay and we need to find new ways to better protect our cyclists.


Most bicycle accidents occur when the bike rider is in the vehicle driver’s “blind spot” or when the driver’s attention is diverted to other things such as traffic signals or other road users.

Developed over a period of eight months, BikeSpotter™ is a proprietary software designed to alert drivers of all types of vehicles when there is a bicycle within their immediate vicinity. BikeSpotter™ provides an audible and visual alert enabling the driver to take appropriate action.

BikeSpotter™ is a low cost App and is simple to set up. It can be used by any vehicle driver. Once a bicycle comes within the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, an alert is triggered.

The vehicle driver has the option of responding back with an automatic.

“I see you” message to the bike rider. BikeSpotter™ can create single or multiple alerts keeping the driver aware of bicycles close by.